Review Details of is a site dedicated to single parents residing in the UK. If this describes you, and you’re a single parent that’s been wondering how to find the time for dating when you’re constantly on the go between work and spending time with your children, then this sites is perfect for you. This is one of the most popular single parent dating sites in the UK and for good reason, they provide a great service. With more than five years of online dating experience has the background to provide you with a positive dating experience.

This site has all the major features you expect in a dating site including simple searches, the ability to view member profiles, and different communication options for connecting with that special someone. It also believes in the human approach to providing you with a dating service and they try to make things as simple as possible, recognizing the very busy life you lead.

Why Is This Site Special?
This site does not attempt to overload you with information. They provide a simple service and a forum for you to connect with other like-minded people. They’ve kept their site design basic, while still providing you with the level of service you need to connect with real people. You can sign up for free so that you can try the site out before making any financial commitment and they don’t try to pressure you with any constant requests for you to sign up for a paid membership.

I also liked the touch of humour they used to make their pitch. In particular there is one example on their main page where they suggest you should grab a drink and sit down before signing up for the site. This adds a human element to the service which reminds you that there are real people working in the background trying to make your dating experience a positive one. This type of attention to detail is a rare thing, but a very welcome thing.

Website Design
As we’ve already suggested above this site keeps things simple. The main splash page features a simple welcome message, a quick explanation of what the service is, some quick links at the bottom of the page, and a sign up button. It also features a great photo of a happy looking family – obviously meant to provide a welcoming atmosphere. It’s nice to see this type of simplicity as many sites try to overload you with information.

Accessibility features both a standard website and a mobile site, so that you can easily access your dating profile while at home or on the go. This type of flexibility is particularly important to single moms and dads who are often on the go with very little time for themselves. With the mobile site you can quickly access your profile and search for potential matches while you’re waiting for your child to finish their appointment with the dentist.

Becoming a member of is a straightforward process. You answer a few simple questions that are pretty standard such as your birthdate, your age, and the sex of the potential match you’re looking for. Keep in mind this site is only available if you’re a resident of the UK, Ireland, or Australia. It sounds like they may be planning on expanding, but at the moment only single parents in these countries will be able to access the service.

Safety and Privacy
One way they keep this site very secure is by blocking access to people that live outside their service area – that way you know there’s a pretty good chance that the people you’re connecting with live nearby. They are constantly reviewing their site for abuse by members against other members. If a member is found to be abusing another member they will be immediately removed from the site. They also provide a simple report mechanism so that you can report any issues you may have with another member. They have a clearly defined privacy policy as well, which explains how you can opt out of unwanted tracking by third-party services.

Customer Service
Customer service is of primary importance to This site has an easily accessible help page that will answer most of your questions and they also make it easy to contact them directly through email. As you’ll find on other UK single parent dating sites, this site has a member charter that spells out in no uncertain terms the services that they offer. It’s nice to see everything spelled out so neatly, leaving very little to chance – you know exactly where you stand with them. When it comes to a dating website transparency is a fantastic thing.

Editors Verdict
For single parents dating can definitely be challenging. It’s hard juggling a love life while still trying to provide your children with the comfort and support they need. provides you with a great place to meet new people without any pressure. You can access the site at any time anywhere that fits into your busy schedule. If you’re a single parent residing in the UK this is a great service that you should definitely consider.

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