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Single parents have a different set of priorities from traditional singles. As a single parent your children have to be, and should be, the center of your universe. Children deserve all the love and support available to them in order to help them to grow up into the people their parents can be proud of. That doesn’t mean there can’t also be a special partner in your life that can be there to support you and your own goals, as well as helping you to raise your children. recognizes the unique needs and desires of the single-parent and has designed their whole site with that in mind.

The site’s been around for about five years now has come a long way since its beginnings. They started out looking like any traditional dating site, but over time have transformed themselves into a site that emphasizes the family-friendly nature of their service. They really do recognize the different needs that single parents have and they focus on providing a service that caters to the needs. This is quite refreshing in a world where dating sites have become quite common and don’t always do enough to consider the needs of their users.

Why Is This Site Special?
After reviewing all kinds of dating sites it’s easy to tell the ones that stand out from the crowd and does a great job of being different. We might not always associate different with being good, but in this case it definitely is. The family focus of this dating site is clear right from the first time you land on its splash page. I particularly liked their use of a photo collage with a family centered seem. Each photo shows a happy couple intermingled with their children – that kind of gives you the warm and fuzzy’s.

The other thing I really liked about this site was there great introduction to the site. Right on their main page there is an opening paragraph that’s meant to make you feel right at home. They explain in detail what they offer and how you get started.

Website Design
As we’ve already talked about above this site really uses photo collages well. These help to establish the family focused approach that becomes the theme of the service they offer. On top of that they’ve got a great logo which suggests the synergy between parent and child. It’s these little details that really suggest a site that cares.

I was also impressed with the earthy tones they use as their background colors. These give you a comfortable feeling and make you feel right at home. On this site you’ll find titles that stand out and they also use nice large fonts that make information easy to read. Everything they do seems to be focused on making your journey into the dating world is simple, friendly, and straightforward as possible.

While this site doesn’t focus on providing you with mobile apps for your Android or iOS devices, it does make their mobile site easily accessible. After trying this site out on my smartphone and tablet I found it works just as well as the traditional site get on my laptop. Making this site work just as well across all major platforms is a real plus.

As a site dedicated to connecting single parents you’d expect that questions about children should be included in the sign-up process, but this isn’t always the case on single-parent dating sites. It is however, definitely part of the process when signing up for This is something that really stood out for me. They do ask quite a lot of detailed questions about you, but it still only takes a few minutes to sign up for Yes, as a single parent you don’t have a lot of time to spare, but this is just a one-time process and it’s important to get it right. Overall I found the registration process fairly straightforward.

Safety and Privacy
This site is always vigilant in their attempts to weed out individuals that violate its policies and procedures. They have a great reporting system that allows you to quickly and easily report any uncomfortable activities that you’ve been exposed to and they take your inquiries very seriously. They’ve also got a great page Called Safety Points – this page clearly spells out all of the potential privacy concerns you may come in contact with while using a dating site. That’ll suggest they have all the answers, but they do provide you with the tools to help protect yourself. In the end, that’s all you can really ask for.

Customer Service
One of the first things you’ll see when you visit your main portal page is that there’s a help link right in the top corner of your page. Any time you have any questions about the sites policies or services you can visit this page for some quick answers. If you can’t find the answer to your question there they provide you with a link to a contact us form where you can ask further questions.

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