Review Details of has been providing a place for single parents to find that special someone since 2004. As a single parent it’s often hard to commit time to a new relationship – let’s face it raising children on your own can take up most of your time. As rewarding as raising your children is if you don’t take some time for yourself will always be that nagging feeling in the back of your mind that something is missing. With a site like you can take some time for yourself whenever it’s convenient. If that means hopping on the computer after midnight when the children are in bed, then you can do that. You don’t have to go out to the bar, or go to the trouble of finding a babysitter to start meeting people today. has all of the features that you will need to start your dating journey. You can sign up for a free membership to get started today and find out what the site can do for you. There is no reason not to begin your journey today.

Why Is This Site Special?
This site has some great features. One thing I really liked in particular was the fact that they include a nice video introduction on their homepage. As humans we understand how something works so much better when we can see a visual example and this type of tool provides us with the visual stimulus were looking for. The video is just a brief synopsis of the type of focus you can expect on the site, but it’s a nice touch.

What also stands out about is the site’s commitment to providing you with just about every tool you can think of that you’ll need as you begin to enter the dating world again. You can see what they have to offer right on their splash page, before you ever sign up for the site. If you like to regional find tons of information here from blocks to videos, and links to books that you can order as well. They pretty much thought of everything that the single parent may need in order to make their dating journey a successful one.

Website Design
As we’ve mentioned already above the site provides a ton of information and tools that the single parent can use at their convenience. While this is clearly a good site, there are a couple of things that do detract from the overall experience. The fonts they use are a little on the small side which may make you squint a little if you don’t have the best eyesight – not a huge deal but an area for improvement nonetheless. The only other thing I didn’t like about the site was the fact that you will have to separate some advertisements from what’s real information. This can definitely be a little distracting. Overall though the site is well organized and clearly laid out.

This site is accessible via its main websites and also works well as a mobile site. They don’t advertise or promote Android or iOS apps. In fact it doesn’t appear that they have them which is too bad as this has become something of an essential requirement for a lot of people. This probably shouldn’t be the deciding factor in whether or not you use this site though – as we said the mobile site works fine so you can easily use this on your smart phone or tablet to connect with great people.

Signing up for won’t take you very long. In fact the entire sign-up process involves filling out one form. Compared to other dating sites this is a very streamlined process. Many of the other dating sites we’ve reviewed involved several steps, so it was very refreshing to see the simplification. They still get all the information they need to provide potential matches with a good idea of who you are – they just do it in the simplest way possible.

Safety and Privacy
One thing that really struck me as positive with this site was the lengths they go to in order to protect your safety and privacy. The initial sign-up process cannot proceed until you’ve verified your email – you can’t just simply do it later. This is a good way of deterring any curious onlookers and people don’t take the site seriously.

The other thing that really showed the site’s commitment to privacy was that the first thing they do after you’ve completed the sign-up process is allow you to opt in or opt out of notifications in keeping with the laws of your country. A lot of sites try to hide these types of options in the fine print, but not This site puts up front and center for you to make the decision before you proceed any further into your exploration of the site. This just confirms the site’s overall commitment to safety and privacy and it really improve my comfort factor with the site.

Customer Service
When it comes to customer service they’ve done a pretty good job as well. There are tons of great features here and links to all kinds of informative materials. They got some great forums and blogs to answer all of your questions and make your dating journey that much easier. They don’t take the traditional FAQ page approach to helping you, but they do a great job of it just same.

Editors of the Verdict
If you’re a single parent wondering where you should start trying to find that special someone that shares the same passion for children you do and is familiar with all the challenges that single parent what brings then is the perfect site for you. This is a site full of great tools and great people to connect with. When you join this site you’ll be connected with thousands of potential matches and potentially that one special match that’s meant just for you.

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